Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Erectile Dysfunction- Know The Cause And Its Treatment To Live A Happy Life

Erectile dysfunction can be very devastating especially for those who are in an intimate relationship. This common health issue can severely affect your sex life and will change your point of view when it comes to sexuality and the sexual act. A person who has erectile dysfunction can have low self-esteem. As a result, there is a tendency that the person will shy away from other people, resulting for his social life to suffer.

However, the time has changed, and you can find a lot of effective treatments to cure erectile dysfunction. But prefer to take advice from a professional to get the best result. If you have erectile dysfunction and looking for the best treatments, consult with Dr Victor Loria MD and cure this issue permanently. Well, to have, the proper medications, you should understand the common erectile dysfunction causes.

Physical Causes Behind Erectile Dysfunction 

  1. Erectile dysfunction is generally linked with issues affecting the blood flow in the manhood.
  2. As per the statistical data, around 90 per cent of erectile dysfunction happens due to the various physical cause.
  3. Diabetes, high level of cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, and heart-related diseases are some of the physical causes behind the ED. 
  4. Sometimes, hormonal imbalance can develop erectile dysfunction in men. 

Psychological Causes Behind Erectile Dysfunction Cause 

  1. The most common psychological erectile dysfunction cause in men is anxiety. 
  2. Stress, depression and poor relationship can develop erection issues. It can also affect the libido levels. 

Some Effective Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction 

  1. Erectile dysfunction can bring a lot of anxiety; it is very important to maintain their relationship with their partner. There are some traditional medicine and natural techniques which can cure this issue. 
  2. By changing the lifestyle, for example, losing weight, giving up smoking and alcohol, exercising daily, etc. can reduce the chances of ED.
  3. You can go with different medications like Viagra and Levitra, but they come with some side effects. So, it will be better to take advice from Dr Victor Loria MD before buying such medicines. 
  4. Vacuum devices help you to attain the perfect erection level. This device comes with a ring which keeps the blood in the penis during the intercourse. 

There are also some surgical treatments for this. If you don’t know which treatment will be the best option for you, then take help of Dr Victor Loria MD now and enjoy a happy sex life with your partner.

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